A Symposium on China’s Development Path in the New Era from Multiple Perspectives was held at University of Cambridge

 A symposium entitled 'China’s Development Path in the New Era from Multiple Perspectives' was held successfully at the University of Cambridge on January 14th, 2020. It aimed to offer an understanding of the dynamics, opportunities and challenges that are happening in China from different perspectives, focusing on a collection of works, such as Zhejiang, China: A New Vision for Development. Nearly 50 scholars and experts from China, France and the United Kingdom, representatives of overseas Chinese and media representatives attended the symposium.

The symposium was organised by Cypress Book Company (UK) Limited and Sinolingua London Limited, co-organised by the Global Century Press and the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre.


Mr. Xiaocheng Xie, Managing Director of Cypress Book Company (UK) Limited and Ms. Wenjing Chai, Managing Director of Sinolingua London Limited made welcome speeches at the opening, sharing their thoughts on China's development path from their own experience and expressing the hope that the symposium would enable a deeper understanding of China.

Ms. Ingrid Cranfield, President of Global Century Press and Ms. Jinzhao Li, Founder of Cambridge China Centre, also spoke briefly.

Three keynote speakers shared their thoughts and researches on China issues. Dr. Joël Ruet, President of The Bridge Tank and an expert on China's economy and foreign policy, spoke about the comprehensively deepening reform in China. He thought that the collection of work had provided a vivid intellectual chronicle of China's reforming theoretical system in the new era.

Based on corpora of Zhejiang, China: A New Vision for Development's Chinese and English editions, Prof. Xiangqun Chang FRSA, President of Global China Academy, analysed the theoretical and practical application of governance system and China’s capacity for governance at the provincial level.


Dr. Geng Zhi, lecturer at the Confucius Institute at the Queen Mary University of London, spoke about the great contribution of language and cultural exchange to the establishment of a community with a shared future for mankind, and how China's development path is practised in the new era.

During the Q & A session, the participants actively interacted with the speakers.


The 'China book around the world' exhibition was on show in Cambridge during the symposium, displaying titles relating to China's economy, politics, culture, education and social sciences. The exhibition gained great attention. Everyone expressed their willingness to continue participating in such events in the future.

Everyone expressed their willingness to continue participating in such events in the future.

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